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By Associates in Foot and Ankle Care, Inc.
February 07, 2017
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A good foot care regimen is particularly important for people who have diabetes. Small cuts or sores that would have once been minor diabetic foot careissues can quickly become infected if you have the disease. Dr. Dennis Bizzoco and Dr. Brian Burgan, your Chattanooga, TN, podiatrists, share some important diabetic foot care tips.

How does diabetes affect the feet?

When your blood glucose level is too high, it's harder to fight infections. Even a blister can become infected if you don't notice it and treat it immediately. High blood sugar also slows your body's natural healing process. People who have the disease are more likely to develop diabetic neuropathy, a condition that damages the nerves in the feet. If the problem is severe, you may lose all sensation in your feet.

Examine your feet every day

Daily foot examinations, whether in the morning or evening, are crucial if you have diabetes. Look for red marks that indicate your shoes may be rubbing against your foot, blisters, calluses, sores, ingrown toenails and changes in skin color or sensation. Because you may not have normal sensation in your feet, you won't necessarily feel blisters or sores or notice other problems if you don't examine your feet. If diabetes has affected your eyesight, ask a family member to examine your feet every day.

Have your podiatrist cut your nails 

Your podiatrist can trim your nails in a manner that avoids ingrown toenails, nicks and cuts which can become infected.

Visit the foot doctor in Chattanooga

Know the warning signs and call your podiatrist immediately if you see or feel:

  • Red streaks on your skin
  • Red or swollen cuts or sores, with or without pus
  • An ingrown toenail
  • Black, blue or unusually white skin
  • Pain or numbness in your feet

Don't put your health at risk. A good foot care routine can help you avoid diabetic complications. If you have any concerns about your feet, call Dr. Bizzoco and Dr. Burgan, your Chattanooga, TN, podiatrists, at (423) 855-0728 to schedule an appointment.