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By Associates in Foot and Ankle Care, Inc.
May 26, 2020
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The human foot is composed of about 26 joints, 33 bones, and over a hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Therefore, when one of these mechanisms accrues an injury, you'll know. Fractures can occur in these specific areas, and the severity can range from what's called a hairline (minimum) to stress (extreme). For patients who experience foot fractures, Dr. Dennis L. Bizzoco or Dr. Brian K. Burgan will always explore non-invasive treatment options before suggesting alternatives. If you live near our Chattanooga, TN, office, please schedule your consultation today.

Common Symptoms for Foot Fractures

Signs and symptoms of what's also known as "broken foot syndrome" are pretty apparent, but the most frequent to occur are:

  • Broken skin or open wound
  • Pain, swelling, bruising, or tenderness
  • The sound or sensation of a snap or grinding
  • Difficulty walking or bearing weight on the foot
  • Feeling faint, dizzy, or nauseous following the injury

Different Types of Foot Fractures

Diagnosing foot fractures requires x-rays and a physical examination from your podiatrist. The severity, prognosis, and treatment will depend on the location of the injury. You may visit our Chattanooga, TN, office to discuss treatment options for the following types of foot fractures:

  • Toe - These lower limb fractures are frequently caused by axial force such as stubbing.
  • Ankle - Typically require immediate medical attention due to ligament separation or bone misalignment.
  • Sesamoid - A direct impact on these small round bones near the end of the big toe can be acute or chronic.
  • Metatarsal - Resulting from physical trauma, these fractures often occur when a fragment of bone tears away from the main mass of bone.

Treatment options often include splints, casts, or padded inserts, but more severe cases may require surgery.

When to Visit a Podiatrist

You should schedule a consultation with Dr. Dennis L. Bizzoco or Dr. Brian K. Burgan if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. If it hurts to apply pressure on the foot/ankle or you experience difficulty walking, don't ignore these symptoms—visit our Chattanooga, TN, office immediately. For more information about fractures, the other conditions we treat, and the services we provide, visit our website. For appointment scheduling, please call (423) 855-0728.